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Jerod was born and raised in west Texas and graduated from Coahoma high in 2005. He immediately followed his dream of being an air show pilot by learning to fly and earning most of his pilot ratings in Big Spring, Texas.

He then moved all over Texas to finish his professional pilot and Certified Flight Instructor certificates. After gaining experience in several cities in Texas, as well as working as a civilian contractor to the military as a Flight Instructor, Jerod moved to California and ended up achieving is dream of performing aerobatics at air shows around the country.

While there, he opened his own flight school which specialized in teaching aerobatic, formation, tail wheel, and war bird flying. Jerod now manages, flies, and instructs in several unique aircraft as well as performs at air shows in a Vietnam era Fighter/Attack aircraft called a TA-4 Skyhawk, one of only a handful of civilian pilots in the world rated to do so.

Jerod is also passionate about firearms, which led him to the idea of purchasing a mobile gun range. As an avid recreational shooter himself, Jerod hopes to spread the joy and discipline of marksmanship with communities nationwide. 

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